We believe learning French leads children to a better understanding of the culture of one of our nearest neighbours and a people whose history has been inextricably linked to our own over the centuries.  Our hope is that this will also lead to a lifetime of pleasure and discovery as this beautiful and diverse country is explored in depth.

    At Barrow Hills we acknowledge that the learning of French is a social and cultural experience as well as an academic subject.

    It allows children to develop communication and literacy skills that help them learn other languages.  It gives them an awareness of the multi-lingual and multi-cultural world.

    In the earliest years, children love to learn their French from native speakers through games, puppets, stories, role-play and songs.  Later these things are combined with grammar and writing as the children approach Common Entrance.

    Every other summer, Year 5 and Year 6 go to France to immerse themselves in the culture and the language.  Great fun is had visiting a boulangerie, a sweet factory, a sea-life centre and other places, in order to use their French.  Year 7 spend an exciting and stimulating week in Normandy in the summer term.  The trip includes a visit to 'La Providence', in Dieppe, a school with which we have been associated for several years.  Our pupils then have the pleasure to act as hosts for their French pen-pals when they pay a reciprocal visit in the autumn.

    Madame Early
    Head of Languages

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