Geography is a living, breathing subject, constantly adapting itself to change.

    At Barrow Hills we believe it is dynamic and relevant, which is transferred into the teaching of the subject. Frequently students will bring in items they have read, heard or discussed with a parent which can create topical and immersive lessons.  This, combined with the encouragement of curiosity and investigation promotes geography as an adventure we explore together.

    During our geography sessions at Barrow Hills the children gain an appreciation of the world through the eyes of a geographer.  From understanding our daily weather patterns, to the impact of natural disasters on civilisation, our aim is to inspire the children is such a way that they are enthusiastic about geography and have a genuine appreciation of the world in which they live.

    Geography begins by exploring the local community and using the school grounds to observe environmental features, changing landscapes and climates.  Throughout the school year children learn about growth and change and how to care for the environment during their weekly visit to the outdoor classroom.  As they progress through the school fieldwork investigations begin to take the children further afield and they begin to study more exotic locations like St Lucia and India, honing skills such as map reading, data analysis and research.

    In the final two years, children work through the Common Entrance syllabus; they undertake fieldwork and case studies to complete their coursework and enjoy working in a variety of different ways to learn about tectonic, meteorological and geomorphological processes as well as economics, populations and settlement.

    Mr Andrade
    Head of Geography

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