In days of yore, learning history was about remembering and regurgitating facts:  dates and names, statistics and sequences of events.  Today at Barrow Hills, history is about skills.

    Through their study of history our children learn empathy, analysis and scepticism, how to assess the value of a source, how to recognise bias and how to synthesise data.  They learn how to write an essay, how to present a balanced argument and how to write persuasively.  From as early as seven years of age they are encouraged to question the provenance of the information they are presented with and determine its worth to themselves, as historians.

    At Barrow Hills we ask not only ‘what?’ and ‘who?’ and ‘when?’ but ‘why?’ and ‘so what?’.

    The study of history here is another vehicle for giving our children the confidence and tools to think for themselves, and another way to help them understand themselves and each other, today and tomorrow.

    Barrow Hills children enjoy one hour of timetabled history a week and two hours a week in Year 7 as they prepare for the rigours of Common Entrance.  Children are taught by subject specialists from Year 5 - Year 8.

    Trips and visits make up an important part of our history curriculum with children benefitting from visits to Hever Castle, the Normandy Landing Beaches, Butser Ancient Farm and Hampton Court Palace.  We teach using a range of sources: texts, pictures, film and objects for example, and use a range of teaching methods to bring the subject alive with children enjoying role plays, hot seating, handling, filmmaking as well as the rigours of exam preparation and essay writing.

    Miss Tan
    Deputy Head - Academic

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