Newsletter 29 September 2017

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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER FOR THE PERIOD 25th September - 29th September 2017


From the Headmaster

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Dear Parents

Thank you to all of you who supported the Macmillan Coffee Morning bacon butties this morning and the cake sale this afternoon.  The donations are still being counted and we will let you know the total amount raised next week.

The Barrow Hills Community Committee meeting on Wednesday morning was very well supported and many others emailed to offer their help.  We now have a strong committee and plenty of volunteers for Fireworks Night on Friday 3rd November.  Tickets will be available from the school office.  We look forward to seeing all of you on the night.

Form 5R’s assembly this morning was on the theme of friendship.  The children spoke about what friendship means to them and read a poem about a box of crayons who all disliked each other, but then realised that by being friends and working together they could create something beautiful.  

In assembly we were treated to a taster for the Year 8 end of term production, with Emily singing ‘On My Own’ from of Les Misérables.  This promises to be a fantastic show and for that reason it will be running for two nights, Thursday 7th and Friday 8th of December.  Save one of the dates now!

Tuesday sees our first ‘First Tuesday’ of the month Mass, starting at 07.50.  It is finished by 08.20 and is lovely way to start your day.  Please do join us.

On Friday 6th October we will be celebrating Harvest with our special assembly and sale of the harvest food donations.  Mrs Nicholls has sent you a letter with details today.  Thank you in advance for your donations and for supporting the sale that afternoon, so helping Bloomsbury Baptist church feed the homeless of London. 

With best wishes,



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Pre-Prep Awards

Head of Pre-Prep Award for Year 2 Story Writing

2R: Daisy

Prep Awards

Green Commendations

4R: Rose, Jack


Weekly News

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    Headline News

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      From the Chaplaincy

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      Over the course of the half-term holiday, the Church around the whole world celebrated something which no human being will ever understand: the fact that God is three people.  He is God the Father, he is God the Son and he is God the Holy Spirit: three people all rolled into one to make one mighty and all-powerful being: God.  It is an amazing thing that, every single time we come into the chapel we say some words which are so filled with mystery that human beings are actually incapable of understanding them.  Whenever we say, "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" we are describing God as three people.   One of the greatest and cleverest saints of the Church is St Augustine of Hippo.  Augustine spent over 30 years working on some writing about the mystery of the Holy Trinity.  He was trying to think of an explanation of the Holy Trinity which would be easy to understand.  One day, he was walking by the seashore, thinking and thinking hard about the mystery of the Holy Trinity when he saw a young boy clutching a small shell and running back and forwards between a hole he had dug in the sand, and the ocean.  He was trying to fill the hole in the sand with seawater, carried from the ocean by means of the shell.  Augustine went up to him and asked, "What are you doing?"  "I am trying to bring all the sea into this hole" the boy replied.  Augustine said, "But that is impossible …. the hole cannot contain all that water!"  The boy paused, stood up, looked into the eyes of Augustine, and said, "It is no more possible than what you are trying to do in understanding the immensity of the mystery of the Holy Trinity with your small human intelligence."  Augustine was astonished by such a clever response from the child and looked away to think about it.  When he glanced down to ask the child something else, the boy had vanished.  Some say that it was an Angel sent by God to teach Augustine a lesson on pride in learning.  Others think that it was the Christ Child Himself who appeared to the Saint to remind him of the limits of human understanding when it comes to the great mysteries of God and our Faith.  We will never understand the mystery of God being three people, but what we absolutely must understand is that all three – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – work together in perfect harmony and unity to form one very powerful God.  We are all called to be a part of the life of the Trinity by listening and responding to the words of the Father through the Old Testament, to the words of the Son in the New Testament, and to the words of the Holy Spirit as he speaks in silent whispers in the depths of our being.


      The Pope Speaks

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      “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt and out of slavery” Ex 20:20.  God first identifies himself as our God, the God whose loves sets us free from all that enslaves us.  These words show that God’s ‘commands’ are really an invitation to respond with gratitude to his saving love.  If our obedience to God’s law is servile, mere legalism, then, like the ancient Israelites, we should cry out in prayer to be released from that slavery and to enjoy the freedom of God’s beloved children in Christ.  God wants to break every chain that binds us, so that, in loving obedience to his will, we can enjoy true freedom and life in abundance.  


      School Notices

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      Roke Lane and parking - Take Care

      Please, please can we remind parents to drive carefully along Roke Lane and the surrounding areas. There are other families walking to and from local schools at drop off and pick up. We also like to remind you not to double park in the school car park. Thank you.

      Pre-Prep children in the car park

      Please can Pre-Prep parents ensure that they accompany their child around the edge of the lower playground, cross over in front of the arch and then walk inside the barrier around the edge of the Chapel. Thank you.

      Reminder to download your Engage App

      Double First has developed and released a mobile app for the Parent Portal.  It enables quick and secure access to vital information and we hope it has all the information you require on your mobile device.  Please note that it is a pared down version of the portal but more functionality will be added in coming months.

      The app is available to download from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Once downloaded on your device open the app and input the school code 6BypJfdaY1 on the welcome screen.  Enter your account with the same User name (your email address) and Password that you use for the Parent Portal.  Once the app is installed then please ensure that in device settings notifications are turned on for the Engage App.

      Weekly Newsletter

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      CAR PARK

       The stall's open from 8am each Friday, please don't forget to put some loose change in your car for this charity fundraiser (guilt free) bacon buttie or croissant breakfast.

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      BHCC Operational Meeting08:30 Thursday 25 Oct 201809:30 Thursday 25 Oct 2018
      Pre-Prep Birthday Assembly08:40 Thursday 25 Oct 201809:00 Thursday 25 Oct 2018
      Bikeability level 209:30 Tuesday 30 Oct 201812:00 Tuesday 30 Oct 2018
      Bikeability level 209:30 Wednesday 31 Oct 201812:00 Wednesday 31 Oct 2018
      Pre-Prep Birthday Assembly08:40 Thursday 1 Nov 201809:00 Thursday 1 Nov 2018

      Upcoming Events

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      Date Event
      Monday 2nd October Open Morning
      Tuesday 3rd October BHCC and Parent Rep coffee morning
      Tuesday 3rd October Pre-Prep Parent Consultations
      Wednesday 4th October Pre-Prep Parent Consultations
      Friday 6th October CAFOD Fast Day
      Friday 6th October Open Morning
      Friday 6th October Harvest Festival Sale
      Monday 9th October Pre-Prep Parent Rep Meeting
      Monday 9th October Prep Pastoral Parent Consultations
      Thursday 12th October Prep Pastoral Parent Consultations
      Friday 13th October Junior Prep Parent Rep Meeting
      Friday 13th October - Monday 30th October Half Term


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