What is the point of religious education?
    Does God exist?
    Will God always answer my prayers?
    Why is there suffering in the World?
    Is there life after death?
    What is the meaning of life?

    We believe in helping our children face up to the questions we all ask ourselves from time to time.

    The teaching of religious education at Barrow Hills gives children the armour to help them in life as they grow up and move through a world which increasingly sidelines the Christian morals of truth, honesty, compassion and integrity.  Religious education here is a unique experience, it is not just one timetabled lesson each week but the moral foundation upon which we build our school values.  Children are encouraged to wonder how their learning in other subjects can link into the spiritual, moral and religious aspects of life.

    Lessons are taught by form teachers up until Year 4; a specialist subject teacher then sees all children through to Common Entrance in Year 8.

    We think religious education should get the mind thinking and emotions whirling.

    Children are encouraged not to learn just the facts and the stories but to query and question, to take part in lively discussions, role play and hearty debate all with the guidance of their teacher.  We aim to leave them at the end of a lesson with a thought or a question that might just stay with them.  This is how children become thinkers!

    Mr Crisell
    Head of Upper Prep and RE

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