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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER FOR THE PERIOD 15th October - 19th October 2018


From the Headmaster

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Dear Parents

Huge congratulations to our Colts A football team who have made it to the final of the Surrey Cup, beating Hall Grove in the semi final.  The final is at Charterhouse on Saturday 17th November.  We would like as much support for the team as possible, so please do come along.

On Monday, we enjoyed a great sports assembly from the sports captains. They explained that sport is about character as well as skill and talent.  Their focus was grit, the determination to carry on even when things are difficult.  Their example was a qualifying heat for the 500 meters at the Rio Olympics, when Abbey D'Agostino of the United States and Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand both took hard falls on the track.  D'Agostino and Hamblin helped each other up, made sure each was OK, and then finished the race, even though both were hurt and finished much later than the rest of the field.  An inspiring message. 

Upper Prep enjoyed their trip to the theatre last night to see David Walliams’ ‘Awful Auntie’ at G Live, preceded by a trip to Pizza Express.  

Today was Admissions Day at King Edward’s Witley, where all the new pupils are formally welcomed to the school, including of course the Barrow Hills children who progressed to King Edward’s in September.  Many of them, and some of our current Year 7 and 8 children, sang as part of the choir.  It was lovely to see the children we know from their years at Barrow Hills look so grown up and hear how happy they are at King Edward’s.

This year, the Lord Mayor of London is a former pupil of King Edward’s, Peter Estlin.  His Lord Mayor’s Show takes place on Saturday 10th November and four of our Year 8 children, Lucy, Harry, Elena and Dominic, will be on a ‘Witley Schools’ float as part of the show.  The float will then be visiting Barrow Hills on the morning of Monday 12th November, so that all the children can see it.  If you have ever thought about attending the Lord Mayor’s Show, then this is the year to do so!

Fireworks and Bonfire Night tickets for the 9th November are selling fast, so do not forget to buy yours in the first week back after the break.

With best wishes for the half term break,



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Prep Awards

Times tables badges

Cleo (3G), Ottilie (3R)

Green Commendations

Molly (4R) - Design Technology - an excellent bridge design and model

William (6G) - Design Technology - an excellent marble run

Hayley (6G) - Independent reading


Weekly News

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    Headline News

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    Barrow Hills Community Committee

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    Hampers and Fireworks Night

    Thank you so much for your contributions to the hampers that will be raffled on Friday 9th November at our Bonfire and Firework night. They look amazing and are on display in reception.

    The themes of the hampers are: 'Winter Warmers' - things to see the family through the cold nights ahead; 'Merry Christmas' - a starter kit to get the Christmas celebrations underway; 'Step into Spring' - a gardening hamper ready for next year.

    Tickets are £1.00 each and £5.00 a strip and are on sale at the Front Desk from today. The tickets will be drawn after our Fireworks night. 

    Tickets for our Fireworks night are available from Mr Shreeve (£4.00 a ticket in advance, £5.00 on the night).

    All funds raised will go to the School. Kind regards, Jackie Morris, Chair BHCC


    Barrow Hills Dads' Christmas Night Out!

    Wednesday 28th November, White Hart Pub, Witley from 7.30pm.

    To include: gin tasting / talk (new brew in Hambledon!); smoked rack of beef with trimmings, washed down with a fine glass of red and port and cheese to finish.

    £25 per head - come along and meet some new faces, all welcome. (19 confirmed so far). Please contact davidbrydon1992@googlemail.com


    BHCC Cake Sales

    Friday 16th November Nursery / Kindy and Year 4; Friday 1st February Year 1 and Year 8; Friday 15th March Reception and Year 6; Friday 17th May Year 2 and Year 5; Friday 21st June Year 4 and Kindy / Reception



    For more information and if you would like to volunteer to help please click here or visit the Barrow Hills Community Committee page on the school website.


    From the Chaplaincy

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    Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest". Mark 6: 21

    These words, written 200 years ago, seem to sum up the modern world, where often we are so busy ‘coming and going’. We all need to have a quiet place in which we can rest.  I hope you have found yours.


    School Notices

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    School Photos

    School photo proofs and order forms can be found in children's book bags (for siblings, these are usually sent home with the youngest child). Please return order forms after half term - by 6th November.  Orders can also be placed by email charlie@charlottegodfreyphotography.com.

    Pumpkin Carving Competition - News

    Due to the length of time between Halloween and our Fireworks and Bonfire Night event, we have decided not to have a pumpkin carving competition at School this year, as pumpkins will be too mushy. However, it will be business as usual next year. Feel free to take photos of any you have carved over the break for show and tell in class! Thank you. Mr Crisell

    Please STOP!

    When leaving the car park, please be aware that there is a STOP sign at the gate and be aware of traffic travelling both ways on the lane.

    Music timetables

    Music timetables will be sent via the portal on a Friday. 

    Your Weekly Newsletter

    We hope you enjoy your weekly newsletter, including the NEW dedicated BHCC section! We do encourage you to read it each week, not only to see and celebrate the achievements of our children, but it also contains useful notices and key dates. If there is anything you would like to include, or you have feedback, please email marketing@barrowhills.org.

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    In the cool autumn sunshine, the Bacon Butties stall raised a jolly decent £241.02 for Burkina Faso today. Thank you all for your help and contributions. Wishing you a lovely half-term holiday and we hope to see you again in November.

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