Weekly Newsletter 18 November

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From the Headmaster

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Dear Parents

In the Prep department I am sure that the children are pleased to have finished their examinations.  I have been impressed by how conscientious and focused they have been.  I know that they have worked hard and tried to do their best.  The teachers are now marking the papers and preparing feedback so that each girl and boy knows what they have done well and what they need to do improve.  Our internal moderation and checking means that results will be released in the week beginning 28 November.

In assembly last week I spoke to the children about revision as the process by which they fix the information and understanding they need for examinations in their long term memory. We encourage the children to try different ways of revising to find the ones that work for them.  I have asked them all to reflect on how successful their revision has been and to set their own target to improve the effectiveness of their revision in the future.

In the Pre-Prep department the children have been creating decorations for the Barrow Hills Christmas tree in the Squires Garden Centre's ‘Decorate a Christmas Tree’ competition. The theme is magical forest creatures.  The children, helped by their teachers, have taken inspiration from their outdoor play area and created  a range of woodland animal decorations. Ten of the children are going to Squires on Monday to dress the tree with the decorations Prep-Prep have made. You can view all the entries at Squire’s between 25 November and 4 December. Please go along and vote for the Barrow Hills tree!

Although Christmas is over a month away and we are yet to go through Advent, preparations for the School’s Christmas events have already begun.  Rehearsals for the Year 8 Pantomime, the Prep-Prep Christmas Show and the Carol Service are progressing well.  As part of this preparation I would like to remind parents that attendance at our Carol Service in the Chapel is compulsory for children in the choirs; the children love singing at this special occasion.

You will have received a portal notice about a change, starting on Monday, to the pick up routine for Prep children on the Lower.  This change is to ensure the safety of the children on these darker evenings.  Thank you for your support.

Finally, I have just been informed that we raised a total of £576.04 in donations for the Poppy Appeal this year beating our own personal best from last year by £172.15! Thank you so much to all the children, parents and staff who made donations.

Best wishes



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Pre-Prep Awards

Bronze sticker

Kindy: Henry

Star of the Week

Reception: Louis

Year 1: Jethro and Max

Year 2: Aoife and Savannah

Star of the Week

Prep Awards

Blue Commendations

​5R: Benjamin, Joseph, Laurie, Max, Rupert, Thomas, Xavier

​Bronze Commendations

​3G: Alexander, Beatrix, Nathaniel, Raymond, Rosie, Samuel, Tom, Verity

3R: Jackson, Jago, Jago, Tom.

4G: Taylor

5R: Fraser, Oscar

6R: Harry, Isabella

7R: Flyn

8R: Theo


Weekly News

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    Headline News

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      From the Chaplaincy

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      Some people were talking about the temple, how it was decorated with beautiful stones and ornaments dedicated to God.  Jesus said, “All these things you are admiring, the time is coming when not even one stone will be left upon another. Everything will be destroyed."  So they asked him, “Teacher, when will these things happen?  What sign will show that these things are about to happen?”  Jesus said, "Watch out that you aren’t deceived.  Many will come in my name, saying, ‘I’m the one!’ and ‘It’s time!’  Don’t follow them.  When you hear of wars and rebellions, don’t be alarmed.  These things must happen first.  Then Jesus said to them, “Nations and kingdoms will fight against each other.  There will be great earthquakes and wide-scale food shortages and epidemics.  There will also be terrifying sights and great signs from heaven.  But before all this occurs, they will take you into custody and harass you because of your faith.  They will hand you over to synagogues and prisons, and you will be brought before kings and governors because of my name.  This will provide you with an opportunity to speak up about me.  But remember, do not prepare your defence or what you are going to say in advance.  I’ll give you words and wisdom that none of your opponents will be able to resist.  People may hate you because of my name.  But don't worry because not a hair on your head will be lost."

      Luke 21:5-19


      We are coming up to the end of the Church's liturgical year, a time of year when we hear Jesus, in many of the readings, trying to prepare his followers for the difficult times that lay ahead.  He was trying to warn them that, to be his follower, would mean standing out from the crowd, being different from others.  Things are no different now than they were then!  Even as I speak, people are in prison in some countries because they are followers of Jesus; Christians are persecuted because of their beliefs.  Why is it so hard to be a follower of Jesus in this world?  Because Jesus tells us to be kind and gentle in the face of provocation; because he tells us to sincerely bless and pray for those who hate us or who have hurt us; he tells us to forgive someone when the world tells us to take revenge; he tells us never to pass judgement on others, even if we feel we have a right to; he tells us that our behaviour must never conform to what is expected by the world.  These are the things which will always set us apart.  There will be plenty of people out there who will tell you that you are fools to believe in such a God and in such a way of living.  One of the greatest saints that ever lived - St Francis of Assisi - called himself a fool for God and, indeed, he was regularly mocked.  Never ever be afraid to be thought of as a fool on God's account!  Let us all be fools for God by embracing such a way of life which sets us apart but which absolutely puts us on the road to heaven.


      The Pope Speaks

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      “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt and out of slavery” Ex 20:20.  God first identifies himself as our God, the God whose loves sets us free from all that enslaves us.  These words show that God’s ‘commands’ are really an invitation to respond with gratitude to his saving love.  If our obedience to God’s law is servile, mere legalism, then, like the ancient Israelites, we should cry out in prayer to be released from that slavery and to enjoy the freedom of God’s beloved children in Christ.  God wants to break every chain that binds us, so that, in loving obedience to his will, we can enjoy true freedom and life in abundance.  


      School Notices

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      End of the school day

      Please make sure you read the communication regarding collection from the Lower at the end of the school day. Thank you.

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      BHCC Operational Meeting08:30 Thursday 25 Oct 201809:30 Thursday 25 Oct 2018
      Pre-Prep Birthday Assembly08:40 Thursday 25 Oct 201809:00 Thursday 25 Oct 2018
      Bikeability level 209:30 Tuesday 30 Oct 201812:00 Tuesday 30 Oct 2018
      Bikeability level 209:30 Wednesday 31 Oct 201812:00 Wednesday 31 Oct 2018
      Pre-Prep Birthday Assembly08:40 Thursday 1 Nov 201809:00 Thursday 1 Nov 2018

      Upcoming Events

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      Date Event
      Thursday 1st December Year 5 ‘An Evening of Music and Drama’
      Tuesday 6th December  Pre-Prep Nativity - ‘​Silent Night’ (Dress Rehearsal)
      Thursday 8th December Year 8 ‘Snow White, An ABBA Spectacular' 
      Thursday 8th December Pre-Prep Nativity - ‘​Silent Night’
      Thursday 15th December Pre-Prep Christmas Party Day
      Thursday 15th December Carol Service
      Friday 16th December Term Ends (noon)


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