Weekly Newsletter 30 June

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From the Headmaster

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Dear Parents

This week the talents of your children have shone in a variety of performances.

On Sunday the back lawn and outside stage became the venue for ‘Proms in the Park’.  We were treated to dance, music and LAMDA performances, with children from Pre-Prep to Year 7 taking the stage individually and in groups. A huge thank you to Jackie Morris, who compered the whole event and to all the parents who helped with setting up, serving the food and drinks, the raffle and with clearing up afterwards. A special mention to Mrs Barraud, our Operations Manager, her husband, Guy, and her son, Josh, who worked throughout the day. The whole afternoon was a wonderful celebration of our talented Barrow Hills community.  

On Thursday the doors to Fat Sam’s night club were thrown open, welcoming the audience to the Year 6 show, ‘Bugsy Malone’. The children performed this complicated and challenging show with great skill and real enjoyment. Their accents, acting, singing and dancing were all spot on. Well done, and thank you Year 6, for a very entertaining production.  And thank you to Mrs Mason and to Mr Wardell, who prepared the children so well for this performance and for all the other shows we have enjoyed this school year.

This afternoon the Pre-Prep children put on a fantastic show based on the ‘round the world’ theme of their expressive arts week.  Children from Nursery to Year 2 performed songs and dances from Peru, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland, Australia and Africa.  The Year 2 children also enlightened us with a range of facts about these counties.  Thank you to Mr Wardell, Mrs Pulleyn and to all the Pre-Prep teachers who inspired the children to perform so confidently.

At the beginning of assembly this morning the Year 6 children appeared to have mislaid their values! They showed the school a film in which they made a journey with our chaplain, Mrs Nicholls, to find the values they had lost; a journey which began and ended at Barrow Hills. Well done Year 6 for reminding us all that Barrow Hills is the place where your values begin and end!

First Tuesday of the Month Mass

The 4th July sees our First Tuesday of the Month (FTM) Mass, at 07.50 in the Chapel. Please do join us.  It is a short Mass, finished by 08.20, and a lovely way to start your day.  The May and June Masses were rather sparsely attended.  It would be great to have parents join us on Tuesday.

Best wishes



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Pre-Prep Awards

Bronze Sticker

Nursery: Hermione, Kiera, Ophelia

Gold Sticker

Kindy: Delilah, Christian

Gold Badge

1R: Cleo

Prep Awards

​Silver Commendation

5G: William, Isobel

6G: Finlay, Oscar, Dominic 

6R: Noah

Gold Commendation

3R: Emma, Ruby, Sophie, Anastasia, Conrad

4G: Sienna

4R: Georgia, Edward, Matthew, Hayley, Dominic, Harry, William, Ben, Alexander, Theo, Nils

5G: Fern

6G: Annabelle, Lucy, Hermione

6R: Harry, Isabella

8R: Luke

Platinum Commendation

4G: Jessica

Netball Colours

6G: Lucy

6R: Serena

Pink rounders ball

4G: Sienna


Weekly News

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    Headline News

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      From the Chaplaincy

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      Jesus said to his disciples, “Do not judge, and you will not be judged; because the judgements you give are the judgements you will get, and the amount you measure out is the amount you will be given.  Why do you observe the splinter in your brother’s eye and never notice the plank in your own?  How dare you say to your brother, “Let me take the splinter out of your eye” when all the time there is a plank in your own?  Hypocrite!  Take the plank out of your own eye first and then you will see clearly enough to take the splinter out of your brother’s eye."  Matthew 7:1-5

      How shockingly easily we pass judgement on each other, sometimes without even realising we are doing it.  How easily we think to ourselves that someone is too thin or too fat, too tall or too short, that we don’t like the way people look or how they do things.  How easily we pass judgement on people we perhaps don’t even know; how often we make assumptions about people based on how they look or what they do.  We are forever passing judgement on people for a multitude of reasons.  These words from Jesus are as clear as it is possible to be clear: to the extent you judge others, you will be judged by God.  If you are someone who is continually judging others and judging them harshly, that is how God will deal with you: he will pass judgement on you, and he will do so harshly.  And then he really turns on his listeners – you are a bunch of hypocrites!  How dare you criticise others when you, yourself, have plenty of faults which need to be sorted out.  Don’t even think of criticising any aspect of another person until you have sorted out your own flaws.  Can you imagine a world in which everybody was genuinely trying hard to make themselves a better person, and at the same time avoiding passing any sort of judgement on others?  It would be rather wonderful.  That is how it should be amongst us, here at Barrow Hills.  Trying to be the best person we can and, instead of judging those around us, helping them to be the best person they can be.  May God help us to turn to OFF the switch in our brains which allows us so quickly, easily and harshly to pass judgement on others so that, when the time comes, he will overlook our faults and failures and grant us his mercy.


      The Pope Speaks

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      He calls the little ones: ‘Come to me, all you who labour and are burdened, and I will give you rest.  You that are the smallest – because of suffering, because of fatigue – He chooses the little ones, He revealed Himself to the little ones, and He calls the little ones.  But the great, does He not call them too?  The great do not recognise His voice because they are not able to hear it because they are full of themselves.  To hear the voice of the Lord, you must make yourself little.


      School Notices

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      End of term bags please

      Please could ALL children bring a plastic bag into School next Wednesday - this will be used to bring home any work / kit that does not fit into their school bags. Thank you.

      Sainsbury's Active Kids Vouchers

      From 25th January we will be collecting Sainsbury's Active Kids vouchers. These can be collected when shopping at a Sainsbury's Local, or online, as well as from larger Sainsbury's supermarkets. There will be a collection point in Pre-Prep. Thank you.

      Verges at the crossroads of Roke Lane and Haslemere Road

      Mr Shreeve has contacted Surrey Highways to get them to trim the verges at the crossroads of Roke Lane and Haslemere Road. Parents should be careful when pulling out in the meantime.

      Hot drinks in Chapel

      Please can parents not bring in their cups of tea and coffee into the Chapel on Friday mornings. Thank you very much.

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      CAR PARK

      The Bacon Buttie stall took a respectable £219 after costs today. Let's see if we can hit that £6000 fundraising target with one last Friday to go. See you all next week....

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      Parent Prayers08:30 Thursday 22 Mar 201809:00 Thursday 22 Mar 2018
      Pre-Prep Easter Service09:00 Thursday 22 Mar 201809:30 Thursday 22 Mar 2018
      Junior Colts Golf14:30 Thursday 22 Mar 201816:30 Thursday 22 Mar 2018
      Pop Lacrosse vs St Edmund's14:30 Thursday 22 Mar 201816:30 Thursday 22 Mar 2018
      BHCC Easter Workshop09:00 Friday 23 Mar 201815:00 Friday 23 Mar 2018

      Upcoming Events

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      Date Event
      Monday 3rd July Blue Blazer and Moving Up Day
      Tuesday 4th July FTM Mass
      Tuesday 4th July Year 8 Hike
      Tuesday 4th July Leavers Cricket and Rounders
      Thursday 6th July Pre-Prep Commendation Presentation
      Friday 7th July EOY / Leavers' Mass
      Friday 7th July 12 Noon End of Term Pre-Prep
      Friday 7th July Prize Giving for Prep Children and Parents


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