Weekly Newsletter 4 November

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From the Headmaster

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Dear Parents

Welcome back to the Friday letter after the half term break.  Autumn has arrived with a riot of colour in the trees around the school site, with the Reception children making lovely Andy Goldsworthy style leaf art in the Pre-Prep graden.

This week I have enjoyed visiting Year 3 Maths and seeing the children’s enthusiasm and the progress they made as they worked on fractions.  I also visited Year 4 English and saw the children developing their skills in analysing the structure and themes of stories.    

Over the half term break a group of Year 7 and 8 children travelled to Holland for a hockey tour.  There are further details in the ‘Headline News’ section.  Thank you to the children for representing the school so well and to the staff who accompanied them; Mr Hatcher, Mrs Burnett, Mr Hopkins and Mrs McBrown.

The children in Prep are busy preparing for their November examinations.  I know that with structured revision here at school and your support at home they will do themselves justice and achieve results of which they can be proud.  

I am looking forward to the fireworks this evening and hope that lots of you will be there to enjoy the bonfire, the refreshments and the firework display.  Tickets will still be available on the gate.

May I also remind you about the Christmas Wine and Food Tasting Evening next Friday, 11th November at 7.00pm, organised by the Barrow Hills Community Committee and hosted by Mr Royds, owner of the Haslemere Cellar.  This was very successful last year and is a great opportunity to learn about wine and perhaps stock up ready for the festive season.  Tickets are available from the school office.  

You will have received a letter from Madame Early about hosting children from the French school in Dieppe with which we are linked.  Please do contact her if you are able to help as currently we do not have enough families to host a French boy or girl for the night of Thursday 24 November. Thank you.

This newsletter has had a refresh over half term as a result of feedback from parents over the last few weeks. Starting from this week we will create links to previous newsletters so that you can refer back to earlier editions. Our headline news and weekly news blogs often contain extended stories and more photos, so please do click on the title to see more.

Best wishes



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Pre-Prep Awards

Bronze Sticker

Rosalie, Ellis

Head of Pre-Prep Award

Gabriel, Joshua

Head of Pre-Prep Award and Green Commendation

Year 1: Cleo

Year 2: Amelia

Star of the Week

Reception: Abigail

Year 1: Jamie and Ilana

Year 2: Dominic and Joshua


Prep Awards

Blue Commendations

Year 6: Finlay, Lucy 

Year 8: Lauren, Charlie, Sam, Jasper

Green Commendation

Year 5: Rupert

Year 8: Scott

Bronze Badge

Year 4: Jessica, Barnaby

Year 5: Maddie

Year 6: Annabelle, Lucy

Year 7: Eddie, Julien, Tomas

Year 8: Annabel

Times Tables Badge

Year 4: Eoin, Dominic

Year 5: Benjamin

Player of the Week - Holland Hockey Tour

A team - Freddie

B team - Sam 

ABRSM Piano Prep Test



Weekly News

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    Headline News

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      From the Chaplaincy

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      Jesus entered Jericho and was going through the town when a man whose name was Zacchaeus made his appearance; he was one of the senior tax collectors and a wealthy man.  He was anxious to see what kind of man Jesus was, but he was too short and could not see him for the crowd; so he ran ahead and climbed a sycamore tree to catch a glimpse of Jesus who was to pass that way.  When Jesus reached the spot he looked up and spoke to him: "Zacchaeus come down.  Hurry, because I must stay at your house today."  They all complained when they saw what was happening.  "He has gone to stay at a sinner's house" they said.  But Zacchaeus stood his ground and said to the Lord, "Look, sir, I am going to give half my property to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody I will pay him back four times the amount."  And Jesus said to him, "Today healing has come to this house."

      Luke 19:1-10

      There is a column in Saturday’s Guardian magazine which says, “This column will change your life”.  We are often sold things which make claims which turn out not to be true: all those shampoos which claim that if you use it, your hair will be glossy and beautiful and will swing around like the models in the advertisement; there are some who claim that eating a certain food will keep you from becoming seriously ill.  There are a lot of claims to change your life which turn out to be just hot air.  In this story Zacchaeus wasn’t necessarily looking for a change of life: he had a good job and lived well and had plenty of friends from the community of other tax collectors.  That day when Jesus was in town, he was not looking for a change of life, he just wanted to see what Jesus was like.  Being a short guy, he had to climb quietly and unseen into a tree as he definitely would not have wanted anyone to see him, the local rich tax collector, sitting in a tree!  Above all, he did not want Jesus to see him.  He didn’t want to be seen, and he didn’t particularly want his life to change.  But then Jesus went and stopped right under the tree, looked up and saw Zacchaeus.  Even worse than that, he invited himself to Zacchaeus’ house for a meal.  During that day, and because of his encounter with Jesus, Zacchaeus’ life was completely changed.  This week there are two major dates in the Church’s calendar which should make us think about ways in which we may need to change our life: tomorrow we celebrate All Saints, and the very next day, we celebrate All Souls.  In celebrating All Saints we think about all those people who loved God and who did their best for God whilst they lived.  There are famous saints whom we know about, but there are countless others who are saints because they went about their life quietly doing what was right.  In celebrating All Souls we remember all those people who have died but who failed to love God as they should have done, and who failed to love those around them as much as they should have done.  Zacchaeus is a good man to think of when we think about All Saints and All Souls: his story is a real reminder of how it is possible to change.  In this season in which we see the dead leaves fall to the ground and the natural world around us changing, we think of the ways in which we need to change: the bad habits which, like the leaves, need to fall away.  We must try and get rid of all those things which stop us from being the saints which God absolutely wants us to be.


      The Pope Speaks

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      Today is a time of mission and a time of courage!  Courage to strengthen our faltering steps, to commit ourselves to the Gospel.  We are asked to be courageous, to offer the world an alternative without being controversial or aggressive.


      School Notices

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      Host families needed please

      We have agreed with our French sister school, La Providence; from Dieppe, that their annual visit to Barrow Hills will take place from Thursday the 24th to Friday the 25th of November. 28 pupils will stay with us overnight, hopefully hosted in pairs or threes by Barrow Hills families.  These visits have been hugely popular and and we would be extremely grateful for your help hosting our visitors. Please contact kve@barrowhills.org for more information.


      Please come and buy your Poppy and other Poppy Day items from the reception desk! We always raise a large amount for the Poppy Appeal and want this year to be even better! Thank you

      Music Department

      Choir rehearsals take place every Friday morning at 8.30am - all welcome

      Orchestra practice every Tuesday lunchtime at 1.30pm

      Mr Orr will be running a rock guitar band on Monday at 1.30pm - all welcome

      All activities take place in the Music Department. Please do join us!

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      BHCC Operational Meeting08:30 Thursday 25 Oct 201809:30 Thursday 25 Oct 2018
      Pre-Prep Birthday Assembly08:40 Thursday 25 Oct 201809:00 Thursday 25 Oct 2018
      Bikeability level 209:30 Tuesday 30 Oct 201812:00 Tuesday 30 Oct 2018
      Bikeability level 209:30 Wednesday 31 Oct 201812:00 Wednesday 31 Oct 2018
      Pre-Prep Birthday Assembly08:40 Thursday 1 Nov 201809:00 Thursday 1 Nov 2018

      Upcoming Events

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      Date Event
      Friday 11th November Christmas Food and Wine Tasting
      Monday 14th November School Exams Year 3 to 7 Maths and English
      Monday 14th November School Exams Year 8 Maths, English and Science
      Tuesday 15th - Friday 18th November School Exams Year 8, all CE 13+ subjects
      Thursday 1st December Year 5 ‘An Evening of Music and Drama’
      Wednesday 7th December  Pre-Prep Nativity - ‘​Silent Night’ (Dress Rehearsal)
      Thursday 8th December Year 8 ‘Snow White, An ABBA Spectacular' 
      Thursday 8th December Pre-Prep Nativity - ‘​Silent Night’
      Thursday 15th December Pre-Prep Christmas Party Day
      Thursday 15th December Carol Service
      Friday 16th December End of Term Mass
      Friday 16th December Term Ends (noon)


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